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UM Belt Grinding Heads

The UM belt grinding head provides a multitude of uses by fitting it on machine tools like ordinary lathe, vertical lathe, planner, boring machine etc. it is easy to operate and with high quality.

One year warranty (including commerical use) with the exception of normal wear on contact wheels and the consumption of bakelite gears .

Click for large and dimensional drawing
Contact Wheel (mm)
Width 40, Dia. 90
Width 50, Dia. 100
Speed (RPM)
Cutting Speed (m/s)
Motor (kw)
0.55 0.75
Voltage (V)
380, 220, 110 380, 220, 110
Belt Size (mm)
Width 40, Length 480
Width 50, Length 500


The accessories and spareparts for the UM belt grinding heads are always ready for you -- the contact wheel, bakelite gear and the sand belt.

For the contact wheels, we supply not only special to the belt grinding heads. Please click the Rubber Wheels item on the left column for the detail.

For the bakelite gears, they take the important rule to protect the motor from being damaged because of careless operation.



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