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Contact Wheels

may be used in a variety of applications other than in conjunction with coated abrasive belts. The hub style versatility of the UM contact wheel allows it to be modified to adapt to many uses.

Many variations of the five basic hub styles are available. Bearing bores, keyways, tapered bores, threaded bores, set screw holes and taper lock hubs are available in aluminum as well as steel cores. All of the hub styles may be modified to accommodate any custom designed wheel for any purpose.

Variations of these wheels are commonly used as:
   • Idler Pulleys
   • Drive & Pull Wheels
   • Measuring Wheels
   • Feed Wheels
   • Pinch & Nip Wheels
   • Support and Conveyor Wheels

Contact Wheel Types

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Slotted Expander Wheels

Efficient stock removal and general purpose sanding
The slotted expander wheel uses standard coated abrasive sleeves that completely encase the wheel diameter. The abrasive sleeve is held securely in place during operation by centrifugal force created by the wheel's rotation. This type of wheel may be used for stock removal and general purpose sanding.


Plain Face Expander Wheels

For use in woodworking, lapidary and metalworking
Expansion caused by centrifugal force during the wheel's rotation holds the band in place. The smooth surface beneath the abrasive sleeve, allows this type of expander to be used for light sanding and contour finishing with fine grit abrasives


Foam Covered Contact Wheels

For stock removal with a gentle touch.
This low density material is best suited for use in automatic finishing equipment. Contact wheels covered with "Soft Grind" foam are typically used in Multi-stationed robotic cells where repeatability of finish is important to the end product.


Quick Change Contact Wheels

The most widely used type of contact wheel
This contact wheel is assembled with a removable aluminum hub that will accept various face widths, densities and serration configurations. May be utilized on most any abrasive belt grinding and finishing apparatus.


Expander Mandrels

Manufactured to fit standard abrasive bands
These expanders are designed for use on high speed portable tools and flexible shaft grinders. They are frequently used in deburring operations. Standard expanders are mounted on 1/4 dia steel mandrels.



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